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June 24th, 2013, 10:15
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Your claim was ridiculous because you were comparing sex in a game with real life sex. And you acccuse me of a cop out? Of course no activity in a game measure up to real life.
You should learn to follow these things - and how to logically separate concepts.

You seem to have some difficulty with that in general.

My point was EXACTLY that because sex is SO different in real life - any attempt to simulate it would be pointless. Well, except perhaps as an educational tool - but that's not really what we're talking about.

So, we agree - which is why it's really strange that you'd want to create an elaborate sex game.

It's like you're really confused.

To remind you, here is your ridiculous statement again:

That's simply too much to ask.
You were the one talking about driving games. I specifically pointed out that driving games can be effective simulations - because they're about adrenaline and excitement. They're not about realistically simulating a REAL driving experience - as all the annoying and boring details are removed.

However, even with a "serious" driving simulation - you can get reasonably close to the real thing - because technology is at a level where that can happen.

Sex involves stimulating MUCH MORE than just the brain - even if the brain is a vital component - and even if the brain is the MOST vital component. Without the sense of touch (for instance) - it's all but pointless to try and simulate.

When you're out driving a car - you're not actually touching the road - and you CAN get a wheel to give you a very realistic sense of driving for real. You don't need to be stimulated physically beyond that - to get a decent representation.

My claim is that you need more than what you can get from a game to stimulate yourself sexually - if it's to go beyond porn or simply a picture of a pair of breasts. If you're not aiming to go beyond - then what's the point?

Get it?

I got the wrong impression from these quotes then:
If your impression was that I think having sex is boring - then yeah, you definitely got the wrong impression.

I can't say I think much of your insight or your capacity to read - if you really think that was my position.

All wich suggests that you are comparing sex in a game with sex in real life, which is ridiculous. Because you can say that about anything: It's better in real life.
No, very far from everything is better in real life. For instance, a war game or a shooter is much "better" than real life - because your life isn't actually in danger. These games are not about simulating real life - but only those elements that are entertaining or positively exciting - like adrenaline and action.

You don't seem to understand the point of comparison. You don't necessarily compare things because you want to say the things in question are identical. In fact, it's VERY often the case that you compare things to point out how very different they are.

Again, you seem to have difficulty separating these things, logically.

Oh, here you go again:

I would like to claim that if it's interesting in real life, then it can be interesting in a game.
You don't have to repeat yourself over and over.

I understand that you think a sex game can be interesting enough to warrant a serious treatment as an RPG - or whatever it would be defined as.

That's quite alright with me - I just disagree, and I think a lot of people would.
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