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June 24th, 2013, 11:26
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And you really think a significant amount of gamers would be interested in that?

No, I think the reason for that not being interesting is not that you can do it in real life.

Although a significant amount of gamers were interested in Mass Effects blue alien apparently…

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Are they exclusively about sex? Then no, I have zero interest.
I feel the need once more to point out that even though they are about sex none of them is actual porn. The act of sex itself might be boring to watch, but its significance as a drive, the way it affects human behavior and its consequences can be a lot less so.
But fair enough… You're missing out of course but then again everybody has their interests. I for example, haven't watched Godfather 2 & 3 because I can't find interest in Italian American mafia stories and I didn't even care for Apocalypse Now because I'm sick of hearing about the Vietnem war. I won't go to any lengths to explain why they are insignificant films though mind you - I doubt that's the case regardless of what they tell me.
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