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June 24th, 2013, 12:34
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I feel the need once more to point out that even though they are about sex none of them is actual porn. The act of sex itself might be boring to watch, but its significance as a drive, the way it affects human behavior and its consequences can be a lot less so.
But fair enough… You're missing out of course but then again everybody has their interests. I for example, haven't watched Godfather 2 & 3 because I can't find interest in Italian American mafia stories and I didn't even care for Apocalypse Now because I'm sick of hearing about the Vietnem war. I won't go to any lengths to explain why they are insignificant films though mind you - I doubt that's the case regardless of what they tell me.
I can separate the concepts of sex and porn, but thanks for thinking so highly of my capacity

Missing out? Maybe.

I wonder if it would make a difference if I told you that I've never had much trouble performing satisfactorily - and since I'm as much a pleaser as a taker (more so, actually) - I've done my own studying to get to where I am.

I rarely read entire books when I study a subject. I focus on concepts I don't understand - and I do some rather intense reading on those in particular. I also tend to observe from my own point of view and analyse in my own way, using my own experiences with human psychology and patterns.

Maybe if I encounter serious issues or I feel the need to expand my knowledge on the subject, I'll consider reading a book about it.

But I think it's much more likely that I'd just look it up online and focus on whatever particular issues or techniques I was curious about.

That said, I think sex is something that people tend to overcomplicate - and it's my experience that the more you actually experiment and move away from the natural "gifts" we've received, the less it actually helps to understand sex.

It's really not that complex in my experience.




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