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March 31st, 2012, 20:00
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I remember Cain once said in an interview that he left Interplay because it was not the place it used to be and he was not satisfied with the company's new strategies. If he left Interplay because of disagreement with the management (including Fargo), I suspect we won't see him on Wasteland 2 team. Besides, Cain works in Obsidian as a programmer and Obsidian is not going to do the programming for wasteland, so…
I hope I am wrong and Cain joins the team.
He probably won't. Because as you said, he's a programmer first and foremost, and inXile is not looking for them. This is really pretty strictly about MCA joining.

And yes, Cain did indeed leave out of unhappiness with the up-high policies including Fargo. But time heals all wounds, I doubt he's still holding a grudge.
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