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February 26th, 2012, 18:20
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The popin is still there and it can indeed be sort of distracting once you start to take notice of it. When I was playing I was thinking of calling it the "cauliflower" effect . Because that's almost exactly what it looks like.
Ouch… They need to fix that. It almost looked as bad as the KoA demo in some vids.
I wonder if its all the changes in the way they handle the camera now…

Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
I enjoy PB games because of the living, breathing world, the atmosphere, the exploration, the immersion, the different quest solutions, the factional differences, the humor, the rewarding progress in character development and lots of other things but certainly not the (melee) combat.
While I completely agree with you on what makes PB's games for me as satisfying as they are, and I have to add that combat is never exactly one of the top aspects that make or break an rpg for me, I could not disagree more on the combat for G1,2 and Risen. To quote myself:

"The combat in the Gothics/Risen (Well Gothic2 and its refinement/streamlining in Risen) is probably the only ARPG combat I actually like and one of the few cases that doesn't devolve in a clickity click mess. It is also the only one that comes in mind, where investing skill points actually changes the way the controls/attack speed/animations handles giving you a more immediate feeling of progression and changing dramatically the way you play and which enemies you can defeat (and with some good planning equipment and player skill you can defeat the tough ones way ahead of time if you are so inclined)…"

Is it simple and relatively easy once you get to know the basics? Well Ok, I always thought so and I never understood all the people griping about its difficulty but that is far from saying that it is bad or unsatisfying. I would go as far to say that archery was in fact pretty average and unsatisfying initially although they improved it a lot in Gothic 3 but they broke it again balance wise this time in Risen iirc. Magic was pretty good starting with G1 with the charging times for spells providing an extra dimension but it was never particularly stellar gameplay wise really…

Do you have any particular ARPG combat scheme that you prefer instead or think is better?
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