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March 16th, 2013, 15:50
I really didn't care for about this game nor what happens next with it, but our local gaming newspaper brought this link:…&v=Bmce9oIxJag

Some modder messed with ingame files and made the game working offline flawlessly. Which in the end means EA is not telling the truth (that switching the SP game to offline mode is impossible).
Of course, you still have to save and load your progress on the EA server which means a short time to be online is still required, but wait a minute… Is it, in the end, really impossible to just recode the game so it makes a save locally and not on some cloud? If I was a CEO and someone told me that saving something on a PC's HDD or SDD is impossible, I'd fire him instantly. In this case, I'm not CEO, but when someone is obviously lying, I'm not buying that game that lies… On lies.

And every time I think EA can't go lower, every time EA proves it can. And will. Till when?
Couldn't they just name the game SimCity Online and say "we won't enable offline mode as it's MMO"? Noone would object on that. Me included.
Would it sell with the suffix "online"? Dunno. But at least, I wouldn't be able to claim it's a fraud.
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