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July 14th, 2012, 16:05
The guy opens with the claim that he doesn´t try to balance the game and then follows with the ways describing how he tries to balance the game (imbalance spikes being designed to be temporary, ironing out "the really crazy peaks and valleys").

I specifically want you to find a weapon that’s just too good.
A few levels deeper into the game, you might be struggling to find a replacement weapon,
That´s balancing.
I want you to discover a skill combo that makes killing certain monsters seem too easy,
your skill combo won’t work as well against the new monster varieties
Also balancing.

A good kind of balancing in my book, I might say; as opposed to finding a weapon too good at every step/not finding anything remarkable for 15 hours or providing a skill combo that makes killing all monsters seem to easy.

Fun always trumps balance.
is a false dichotomy.
It´s pretty much the same as saying fun always trumps design.

"Fun" doesn´t just appear out of nowhere, it´s derived from stuff like balance.
The point is to balance the game in a way that this design aspect positively contributes to the game´s fun factor.

Optimistic reading of this interview tells me that they´re not balancing player´s experience at every step, but they´ve applied general balancing measures to make player´s experience eventful and to reward experimenting throughout the game.
Pessimistic reading tells me they threw everything into a blender and weren´t quite able to contain the mix that came out.

Originally Posted by rossrjensen View Post
I actually agree — balance is boring! Remember in the first Diablo how much more powerful a high level Mage was than anything else? It was a little harder at the beginning but totally worth it at the end.
But there´s short term balance and there´s long term balance.
Apparently, your example is a class that was balanced to be more difficult to play in the beginning, but as a payoff became super powerful in the late game.
The reason it was "totally worth it at the end" is very likely because there were balancing measures at work.
Let me adjust your statement:
I actually agree — balance is boring! Remember in the first Diablo how much more powerful than anything else a Mage was throughout the entire game? That was totally worth it.

Not that it couldn´t be totally worth it, but this example would be more in the vein of design I´d expect from a developer who "doesn´t even try to balance the game".
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