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November 21st, 2006, 21:06
I don't think G3 was dumbed down for the Americans. I think maybe the gameplay was changed and the combat was changed because the G3's devs., Piranha Bytes, wanted to sell more copies, both in the US and in Europe. So you could argue PB now (also) caters more to the mainstrean audience than they did before. (which, in today's computer gaming market simply is somewhat of a must, imo, since it cost so much nowadays to develop games).

However, imo, PB has made a decent, well-founded, well-rounded and good game which has stayed true to the Gothic universe, while they've added some (minor) chnages in gameplay and interface to satisfy the mainstream market. This means, imo, that Gothic 3 is not for any one, but just for the fans of the rpg genre.

To me, this is very good thing
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