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February 26th, 2018, 13:48
Finished Avernum III.

Despite the game feeling considerably larger than the two previous games I finished it more quickly - 41 hrs in total, as opposed to 52 hrs for Part I and 63 hrs for Part II. I missed lots of content though (large parts of the map were still unexplored). Unlike the previous games it finishes right after the final quest so you can't keep exploring after the last battle, which is a bit of a shame.

I played on the normal difficulty as usual. In retrospect I wish I'd played on hard. At early levels there was a lot of threat from encounters, but later in the game nothing really challenged me. This felt different to the two previous games, where the Great Quests were still challenging on Normal difficulty even right at the end of the game when my characters were level 30+. In Avernum III i stockpiled Invulnerability Potions for the big finale smack-down mission but in the end I just didn't need them.

Talking of levelling, I mentioned in another thread that I was getting towards the soft cap, which I thought was level 30. I was wrong - I was still gaining skills and talents past level 30. I don't know where the soft level cap is actually set.

The game itself was great fun to play. I find exploring Avernum a very satisfying experience and Part III more than held its end up here. I definitely missed quite a bit of content, including most of the legendary items, large parts of the map, and at least one timed event that I only found out about after finishing. It is huge! And because I knew I was missing content, it was particularly satisfying when I found something hidden (whether a secret lich's lair, a subtle hint about the location of a legendary item, a useful spelltome, or a hermit NPC with an interesting story/quest).

Sound, graphics etc…. very much as expected.

So yeah it's a definite thumbs up from me overall, and I'd happily recommend it to anyone who liked the other games in the series.
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