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Default Gothic 2: Horrific user interface? How do I attack?

April 7th, 2010, 00:46
I just bought Gothic 2 of GOG and am playing it on Vista 32. Performance seems fantastic, but the game UI seems woefully bad. I mean really bad. There's no mouse in the game except to move the camera. I can't use mouse in the main menu. Inventory management with a mouse was done in 1987 for Dungeon Master but this game came out over a decade later and doesn't have it. So now I have to use the arrow keys and space bar for inventory? It's like 1982 or something. I have to take gold coins one at a time so if I get a pile of 20 gold coins I have to hit space bar 20 times. lol

Also, I can't attack consistently. It almost never happens. I click and the creature just blinks a little bit and my character does nothing. Once I got him to attack. The manual mentioned holding CTRL down which makes no difference.

Any help here? Please? This game makes me feel like I should mail my computer back to Newegg and tell them I'm too stupid to use it.

Also one really frustrating thing is that when the game launches it highlights 'load game' so I press enter but instead it starts a new game which has no abort so I'm forced to sit through minutes of dialog (alt-f4 doesnt' work, neither can I get to task manager to kill gothic2.exe or whatever it's called) before I can hit escape to load a game. It's like a 10 year old on crack made this game.
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