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April 7th, 2010, 00:23
calm down

once you're familiar with it, it's very easy to manage.

1. you can tranfer more units in your INV while holding down <shift> (10 at a time), and i think with <ctrl> even the whole bunch, if i remember it rightly.

The mouse is really only for looking around and for making your character run in the right direction.

Yet maybe the most important key in the game is the left mouse button: once you stand before an object or enemy, you have to click and hold it, so that the object lightens up. Then with the <arrow up> (or maybe if you're playing "wasd-style" you have to click "w") you can pick the object up. If you're in a fight and you have your weapon ready, it's the same. hold the mouse button and then click "forward", "right" or "left" with your arrow keys to make an attack.
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