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March 18th, 2017, 15:44
Entered Joxer:

Lifepath for Joxer
Origins & Personal Style
Clothes Nude
Hairstyle Long and Ratty
Affections Earrings
Ethnicity African: Bantu
Family Background
Rank Nomad Pack.
Parents You were left with relatives for safekeeping.
Family Status Family lost everything through bad management.
Childhood In a large arcology city.
Siblings (2) Twin sister feels neutral.
Younger brother feels neutral.
Traits Silly and fluffheaded
Person Valued Most Teacher or Mentor
Valued Most Knowledge
Valued Possession A tool
Feeling about most people I like almost everyone.
Life Events
Age 16 Friend: Old Childhood Friend
Age 17 You have angered a small, local corp.
Age 18 Nothing Happened.
Age 19 Romance: Lover kidnapped.
Age 20 Nothing Happened.
Age 21 Enemy: Female ex-lover. Cause: Deserted or betrayed the other. Feelings: They hate you. Enemy's Resources: Just himself
Age 22 Nothing Happened.
Age 23 Local booser gang likes you. You can call upon them for 1 favor/month. Equiv to Family +2.
Age 24 Friend: Met through common interest.
Age 25 You have been falsely accused of murder.
Age 26 Local nomad pack befriends you. You can call upon them for one favor per month. Equiv to Family +2
Age 27 You lost 100 Eurodollars. If you can't pay now, you have a dept to pay in cash, or blood.
Age 28 Fast Affairs and Hot Dates
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