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October 8th, 2012, 16:44
Still haven't picked a card? With the time you've had to research you should be the foremost expert in the field.

Really though I think your over analyzing the whole thing.

1. Decide how much you can spend.
2. Decide wether you want nvidia to amd.
3. Pick the card in your price range.
4. Check out reviews, benchmarks and differences between brands.( which is usually negligible)
5. Decide if this card will fit your needs or if your better off waiting for better cards to drop in price or wait till you have more money to spend.
6. Never waste money on OC,SC,ETC. you can do that yourself for free if you want.

I've never spent more than a couple, three days deciding on a card there's just not that many choices but to each their own. Good luck in your quest.
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