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January 15th, 2013, 13:46
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You know what I find funny. "People" complains about women wearing steel bikini and being lightly clothed in fantasy artworks, but the men are not that much better with the loincloth and bare everything else.
There's are reoccurring ideas that nudity is bad, especially female nudity. There's also reoccurring ides that males can't control themselves so it's especially important to cover the female body.

This psychology is expressed in many forms in fundamentalist religion, in conservative politics and there's also a strong branch in 2nd wave feminism. All these movements have either a sympathy or loathing for a perceived oversexuality among males and an idea that a nude, semi-nude or a woman "showing skin" is either exploited or slutty. This makes idealization of the female body worse than idealization of the male body even if research in masculinity show that both sexes are affected negatively by impossible or unrealistic role-models.

Both men and women engage in this culture as it offers both sexes power to diminish a woman by either calling her slut, whore or an exploited child who submit to "patriarchy" or "male gaze". Both men and women fall victims to this culture. Men vary in libido and being perceived as an unsexualized animal without control send a false message of who they are and how they function to both them and potential partners they may have. Women also vary in libido and appearance is a strong tool for power which especially extrovert women use. Calling her exploited when using a tool of power is a way to diminish or abolish that power.

3rd wave feminism and pro-sex feminism tend to oppose these ideas. The theory is that these perceptions of gender cause harm and quell diversity.

The real question we should ask ourselves is not why the female body is idealized but why she seldom appears as a heroine. We should also ask ourselves why the males are so rarely shown in a vulnerable position. The thing is that there are many who are repulsed by men who show any weakness.

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From personal experience (my work environment is mostly men), these are considered NSFW because they attract everything with testosterone to your desk to look at them as opposed to be productive.
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