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April 11th, 2019, 03:54
"Finished" Skyrim (main story + expacs). I played it in this order: Dawnguard, Dragonborn and main game.

Dawnguard had some nice dungeons and crossbows. The story is uneven but it's probably the best of all 3 "main stories".

Dragonborn was like Bethesda wanted to make another Cthulhu game or something. It felt out of place sometimes.

I preferred Oblivion main story to Skyrim main story…I think that's saying something.

I played with a "paladin": shield/one-handed, restoration (with Dawnguard anti-undead spells), alteration, heavy armor (+ skills that raise by themselves like speech).

Shield is OP, you can stun lock anything as long as you have 1 point of stamina. Made the game a bit boring toward the end.

I hate Skyrim companion system and I endured it all the way from Dawnguard to the end. That too made encounters too easy.

I think the game is best played by ignoring all the main stories. That's when I have the most fun with it at least.
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