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January 24th, 2013, 20:13
Why haven't I done what? I did. It was $15 and is superior to what came before. Totally worth it. So why wouldn't I?

Most of peoples diatribes about Windows 8 seem to not be based on fact, either. It's all "WHAT IF MS does THIS?" and "WHAT IF MS did THAT?" and not actually paying attention to what is actually happening. Metro is optional. The desktop is still there. The app store is only as relevant as you make it. Whining about the removal of the Start menu is silly. It opened the door for a wide variety of third party plugin Start menus that power users can enjoy and customize to be exactly what they want. From excellent free ones (ClassicShell) to boring pay ones (Stardocks Start8) to ones that do weird new things (Pokki). What did MS do? Open the door for more easy to use options? Heaven forfend!

It's tiring to read disinformation, pointless conjecture and utter lies being spread about things as silly as an operating system. Stop justifying your own personal inflexibility. We're all getting older but it doesn't mean we have to become that old inflexible curmudgeon who can't embrace the present. Not even the future, just the present.
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