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October 30th, 2006, 06:17
Not really, there are far more sidequests and places to explore in Myrtana. Varant is a large, open desert for the most part, so there is a limit as to how much you can do there. Nordmar is actually fairly linear, each village has 3-5 sidequests and there are certain quests here and there, but unless you are a really thorough gamer you'll probably end up rushing through Nordmar to see the Monastery and the fire mages there, and later Xardas. If you can survive in Nordmar, you are powerful enough to complete the game.

I'd say you're roughly 50% through the game after being completely done in Myrtana. 30% in Varant, and 20% in Nordmar, although the part in Nordmar is usually reduced to 5% for me as I'm hardly ever patient enough to do it thoroughly.

Also, I know you're a mage, and for a mage the start is very slow(the part in Myrtana). As you get higher AK, mana regeneration, and more powerful spells you begin to kill faster and faster. You'll most likely go through Varant like a storm, killing everything that looks at you in the wrong way without breaking a sweat.
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