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May 19th, 2018, 01:15
This has also been my most anticipated title, but not so much since the release of the alpha. I'm pretty much on board with the consensus over at the official forums that this isn't really a Bard's Tale game. It looks like a decent dungeon crawler, but doesn't really deserve to carry the BT moniker, IMO.

My biggest beef, by far, is the magic system. There's a great stream on youtube where the guy is looking over his characters early on, and just saying over and over, "THREE spells?!? I have THREE spells?!? THREE SPELLS??? Really??" And his frustration at not being able to cast a spell until you charge it for later rounds is palpable. Plus the fact that you learn spells by using weapons until you learn its ability, ala Final Fantasy Tactics…what the hell is up with that? How is that even REMOTELY related to Bard's Tale? Where are the different magic classes? The 100+ spells? The 4 schools of magic? Ok, I understand if these need to be toned down, but at least give us some familiarity to hang our hat on.

Very early on, InXile latched on to the basic idea of a Hearthstone-like combat system, and apparently tailored everything around that, and now the final product is nothing like Bard's Tale.

I'm trying to keep an open mind, but obviously not succeeding very well. It also doesn't help that the lead systems designer was born after the originals were released, and it's being made by a brand new design team in New Orleans. This project just has "B-team" written all over it, from everything I can see…
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