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January 2nd, 2019, 18:24
If I agree that the campaign design has a problem, it's not through repetition, it's through design of missions and surprise elements, that is play once to not choose a tactic/strategy not matching those surprises at second try. Moreover the story telling is average.

I quite disagree for the random missions diversity. I had a lot more diversity than in XCOM2 or XCOM1 or Long War 2. Including from enemies setup changing significantly a mission, but also a party changing missions as your roster evolves.

When you choose your random missions, you just need ensure not skip some types because they tend be harder. Moreover, there's a difficulty variation that hasn't XCOM and which changes significancy a mission.

What I disliked in this game is the fans base, a majority of Battletech fans are hardly bearable for me, this ended spoil me the game quite significantly. For MP I totally don't care and would have skip it, bother with the fans would have been a nightmare. And I know that bother with me is difficult too. :-)

I end defend a bit a game I don't want support because I felt the comment in this thread was rather unfair, it's just some comments don't match the feeling I had, I have no analysis on that, just some feeling. I'd love the game if it wasn't coming from some tabletop, but it's pretty clear that without such tabletop base, such game would not have benefit of such depth on combats and diversity. Mechs refit make ridiculously simple XCOM 1&2 soldiers building. If you like party builds it's a must play game.

That's why Fireaxis can only have hard time to compete, they did it from scratch, not from decades of designs from experts.
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