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Default Constantino's Ring in G2

January 8th, 2016, 02:29
I had someone ask me a question and thought I would ask it here too.

"Basically, I was looking for the cheapest way to learn Lockpicking, and apparently Ramirez will train you for 150 gold if you are a member of the guild, according to at least one walkthrough I read. That doesn't make sense, because as far as I can tell, you can't possibly join the guild without being able to pick the chest for Constantino's Ring. Am I missing something?"

I was thinking Constantino had the ring on him during the day and it is in his chest at night. But it has been years since I played G2. I do think Ramirez charges you double if you kill Attile that the thieve's guild sends to beat you up.

EDIT: nvm, I just remembered how to join the thieve's guild without the ring.
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