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June 5th, 2021, 23:55
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I've never been a fan of extra content mods anyways. I usually only install mods that improve the mechanics and UI because that's where Bethesda's games are often lacking in certain ways.

Mods that improve the visuals are great too as long as they don't stray too far from the original art direction.
I used to live for extra content mods, years ago. The first time I modded Morrowind I added every quest mod I could find. Two things were quickly evident: 1) it made the game crash like a mofo, and 2) most content mods are crap and pull one out of the game.

There were still good ones, like Illuminated Order, but I pared way back on that kind of stuff and mostly used graphical mods and visual herbalism and things like that. But imo Tamriel Rebuilt is the mod that rises above all of those usual concerns. It's all about adding extra content, but despite its size, it has the best quality control of any content mod I've seen. It's almost uniformly excellent content that fits in with and sometimes betters the vanilla game.
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