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February 11th, 2015, 11:26
Starsss - Development Blog Post #4

Do you love drumsticks? It is one of the tastiest part that you can savor and enjoy every last bit of! Now imagine a drumstick, and combine that with the 4th & upcoming Starsss character - Eating. What will you get?

Say hello to Eating's special skill - the Drumstick Shield! This is what happens when you press your S key to activate it.

A shield with a drumstick literally appears over Eating's head! In addition to that, Eating will also glow with a green aura, thereby indicating that she is invulnerable for just a short period of time.

While this might seem overpowered at first glance, you are not able to move Eating while she is invulnerable. The Drumstick Shield also costs quite an amount of mana to activate, so don't expect to be able to spam it at will.

So what do you think of Eating's Drumstick Shield? Do you like it? Or do you feel that it is overpowered? Do remember to check the blog regularly for when Eating makes her arrival in Starsss!

Now there is just 1 more thing…

Remember how you can get Starsss directly from WhiteSponge? Well you can also get the game from Desura! Starsss comes out on Desura this coming 13th February but you can already pre-order it now!

To end things off, check out today's TwitchTV live stream session where we did some play-testing with Eating! Enjoy!

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