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June 24th, 2007, 10:11
well, for starters I watched The Lost Weekend. To me, it was kinda a waste of time. While it was cool to see Ray Milland young and in his prime, I'm just not a fan of "addiction films". See Ray drink, scavenge for spare change like a squirrel looking for nuts, then watch him drink more as his loved ones look on helplessly. It's just boring and repetitive, I just dont like this type of film. Except Drugstore Cowboy, now that addiction flick was great.

Alas, my celluloid salvation this day came from the oddly named kung fu acid trip Faster Blade Poisonous Darts (1984)
Although there are fast blades aplenty, and the film does really throw the kitchen sink at you, I did not spot any poisonous darts in the mix. Maybe it isnt meant in a literal way. In any case, I thought that this was one wild kung fu film that was definitely a blast. It sports some really gorgeous setpieces such as temples, lush gardens, etc., and nice traditional flowing robes and decor. Just an awesome looking film in my opinion, but it's all flash and fun. Man, is it ever fun tho!

The story is largely incoherant, as the first part seems to develop the plot in one direction, then it careens in a wildly different direction that consists of a demonic assassin, a serial killer, a murderous cult, and some evil overlord type behind it all. Throw in there some half-beast men, a vat of acid, totally hot asian (and an oddly placed indian) babes, secret passages, 80's special effects left and right, beams, explosions, magical weapons (a folding fan that shoots some type of beam or something), underground egyptian temples, actual chinese water torture, and classic triple-takes (an action or expression is replayed several times quickly) aplenty, all glued together by gloriously airborne wire-fu and seemingly jedi force powers, and youve got something that will make you sit up and proclaim "WTF???" at least three times. I know I did, maybe more.

For example, this like 12 year old chick whips off the cape she snapped someones head off with earlier (definitely an LOL there), and hurls it at someone boomerang-style. This guy avoids it, jumps up onto it and rides it back to her, then leaps off and nails her with a kick! Too much fun, I gotta show this one to company!

I saw this and like ten others from this series of releases in the bargain bin at a Walgreens for around three bucks, so I picked this and Wu Tang Swordsman both up. I'm going to go grab a few more. If they are anything like this one, theyre well worth 3 bucks!

Here's the edition I got, they all have very nice packaging, chapter card, and a very nice animated menu. Unfortunately no extras or subtitles, and unfortunately it's dubbed english which I hate. Just gimme the mandarin and hook me up with the subtitles, Id rather hear the actor's voices.

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