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September 16th, 2019, 14:01
Please avoid spoilers - if you must to clarify something use spoiler tags.

Here are some of my general tips and hints.

1 - When you go to a merchant some of them will have the star symbol with the ! ques icon in it. If they are selling any quest items I suggest picking up between 1 and 3 of them. Many are one time deals and my memory seems to recall 1 to 3 being the most common number to use. Exceptions are sleeping potions. While you might be able to craft them I didn't have science skills and I found I used the sleeping potions in a few quests. Don't recall how many but enough you should buy them up. 15 might be a good number. Often if a quest requires a certain item you will either be able to craft it or find a merchant in the general area - but that can mean running back and forth to get it. I found it simpler to just make sure I brought those items every time I saw a merchant selling some - and kept 3 of each (sometimes you can buy only one I think though which is a sign you only need one).

2 - Science. I know @joxer will completely disagree as he seems to think lockpicking is the most important (but then I think he hates not being able to loot something) but I got through the game so far (36 hours, level 23 now) without a single point in LP. What I was constantly hitting the wall on was science. I had clothes that gave me a point for lock picking (you can craft a pouch on your tunic) and gloves for crafting (as well as a point from Kurt what he became friendly). But I never found clothes for science and the only companion that gave a point is Aphra who comes later and I can't stand her so never have her with me. I finally relented last night and used a memory crystal to get one point in Science. I was so tired of quests needing a potion and spending so much time trying to find someone who sold them - or going to the Blade Alliance city to the alchemist who crafts potions by request … of all the skills I missed not having one point in it was science [EDIT: Joxer reminded me the blacksmith can craft a pouch on an article of clothing/armor that grants +1 science as long as you have the supplies needed0

3 - Equipment Upgrades (if you don't do crafting skill): In New Serene a blacksmith will craft mods for your weapons and clothing by request. You still need ingredients but he can upgrade your stuff without you needing the crafting skill points. There is also an alchemist in Hikmet who will craft potions for you [EDIT: Joxer pointed out this person who crafts potions for you will only show up based on earlier quest decisions so not everyone might have this feature]

4 - Do the companion quests! I was going to skip many and focus on my favorite companions like I do in games. So glad I didn't, especially the ones with Petrus. Even some quests that seem unrelated to anything (e.g. the arena) turned out to be so important it blew my mind that I almost didn't do them. I only have Aphra's left. Saved the worse for last.

5 - Save often, especially have a save as close to a boss fight as possible.

6 - Don't expect a lot of clues on a romance. If you really want it I would suggest checking a guide. I was trying to avoid any outside help and paid the price. Course this tip is probably one many will disagree on as I am still feeling jilted for messing up mine. I look forward to the romances/relationships a LOT and was very upset I blew it and only found out far too late to reload an earlier save (would have lost over 20 hours of playing). Now I will only be able to do it if I play a second time.

7 - Use the travel stones and campfires. There is a LOT of running around. I think Spiders learned from their previous games, especially Technomancer. Often you can really reduce travel time by traveling at your campfires or the travel stones in villages. Consequently it really pays to find as many campfires as you can (its also one of the few generic type quests - uncover all campfires) to speed up traveling. You can also craft, pass time, and organize your party at a campfire. All very useful.

8 - Intuition is great for dialogues but it also affects resource gathering. But the reason I listed it is because the game doesn't really indicate it also helps you be better at stealth and can help you sneak/go-through tight or "secret" passages (proof: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/…3ccaeb2e_o.png). This is useful to bypass enemies or avoid killing or find an easier way to do something. Hence it is a tip as I found it not clearly explained in-game but is a useful thing to have. So I balanced charisma and intuition points. Vasco also raises your intuition by one when friendly.

EDIT: Adjusted text on tip 8 after confirming it.

9 - Skill Stones. Hunt these down if you want more skill points. You get one for each one you discover.

Don't have a lot of advice on attributes/talents/skills, outside of intuition (more to explain it can be useful for things that some may not think of), because they are dependent on build and play style.

My character maxed out Charisma and Intuition. Also maxing out mental and will power. I alternate a point each time I get a new one - so I can balance out rings and amulets as well as increased damage and large magic pool to draw on. For skills I am doing all mage related - combo of shadow burst and storm shock is utterly brutal on enemies. I also like healing and armor protection maxed out. I found the shadow impact nice but risky as it brings you closer into combat. But if you stun, impact, dodge back its useful.

That is all I can think of right now.
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