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September 16th, 2019, 14:50
Those are great hints!
Some additional notes about #2, #3 and #8:

- science of 1 is a must after you move to the island (blewing up blockades otherwise impossible to pass through)
- science of 2 is needed in some late quests unless a certain companion is with you so don't rush with it
- science of 2 is also needed to craft ammo, but you'll loot enough of it earlygame, again, no reason to rush it
- upon reaching the island, make a science +1 armor at blacksmith in New Serene and keep it in your inventory (some cheap Naut shirt is the best for it)

Yes, lockpicking is the most important especially maxed (3) within certain quests where you don't want to kill the key holder. Spend two points in it as soon as possible and at the same blacksmith make an armor that gives lockpicking +1.

Two talents you also want are inutition of 2 (preorder item and one point invested) so you can squeeze through narrow passages in areas not accessible in any other way and vigor of 2 to jump over broken "bridges" that lead to inaccessible areas (make +1 vigor armor at blacksmith and invest one point in it).

Above are IMO essentials. The rest of talent points feel free to distribute any way you like.

This means, to explore everything and have a freedom to do anything all you need is 4 points invested in specific talents. That'll IIRC be finalized already on level 13 as every four levels you get a new talent point (you'll be level 37 when you finish the game). Assuming you've preordered the game and you have an intuition+1 equip. If not, well…

Note that the Hikmet alchemist is the one you saved in the initial town. If you didn't save him, he won't be there!
I love c&c where sidequests affect the world in this game.


The hint I need to share is whenever possible, don't kill the opponent(s).
Either you'll get more reputation or you'll unlock an additional quest. For example yes I know the certain doctor deserved to die. Don't do it yourself. Leave it to authorities as then you'll unlock an additional sidequest to learn something important to the overall story.
While at it, after reporting something to Constantine, always check two other factions leaders in towns, they might have a new sidequest to give to you.

Another is that pistols with rapid fire are OP. Better than slow rifles or slow 2handed melee. Use them before devs nerf it.
With pistols you can combine anything you want, I have to suggest stasis so you have a second or two if you need to drink a pot, the rest is up to you.
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