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September 16th, 2019, 15:45
Well I do have to disagree on the lock picking completely. I am over level 30 and have done the vast majority of quests and I have yet to ever have to kill someone for a key. I have always been able to either talk them into giving me the key (or had a companion with me who intervened) or have been able to find a key in a chest or laying on a table or the like.

Granted if you do not have high charm then yes odds are you won't be able to talk them out of the key - but that is related to character builds and some RP. I have yet to put a single point into lockpicking and don't plan on it - and so far have had zero issues with keys. But as I said I have maxed out charisma.

I forgot all about the blacksmith for the science item! That would have saved some time if I had remembered (and ironic as I even mentioned the blacksmith … I just forgot he could make the science one).

I don't use guns so ammo was never an issue for me

Another tip:

- It is good to also pick up some faction clothing. Nauts is the most useful. I like the Nauts a lot and my main outfit is a Naut one I wear even at my high level. But then most of my combat is ranged as a magic user. Comfortable tunic is good for being a servant and you will need a coin guard outfit (optional) at some point. There are some others but you can buy them from a merchant or sometimes loot them.

Intuition I covered - secret passages and seems to help with stealth.

I debated vigor but most of the balance for obstacles seemed more convenience (except for reaching a skill level totem that I recall) and could usually find another way around to my objective even if it took more effort. I don't think any critical path requires it though.

I think I only killed one "quest" like person (an assassin) and I would gladly kill him over and over and over again
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