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September 16th, 2019, 16:04
Okay okay, the post I did is somewhat chaotic. Talents I suggest to improve asap:
- 2 points in lockpicks
- 1 point in vigor
- 1 point in intuition (2 if you didn't preorder the game)

That done, add 1 point in science sometime later.

This means 5 talent points and by the end of the game you'll have the total of 10. Which means you can still max charisma as wgd suggests (1 point invested only, any equipped cape improves it +1, get Petrus to friendly and have him in your party all the time, or if you hate him put 2 points in charisma and the third is acquired by equipping a cape) and more.


Upon reaching the island find the blacksmith and pay him to improve 3 cheap naut shirts, as you'll be using them rarely somewhere:
+1 lockpicking
+1 science
+1 vigor

I forgot. You'll need 1 point in craftsmanship for some quests (you can't buy the quest item but need to repair something). Forgot it because I had the +1 crafting gloves (preorder item) and later I looted similar ones as some random loot. Thus if you didn't preorder the game or you never found them as a loot, put a point into that too. Or make sure you get Kurt friendly and have him in your party as then he adds +1 to crafting. Unless he died because you were reviewing the game.
Anyhow, don't rush, it's not about earlygame quests.


Originally Posted by Morrandir View Post
*sigh* That made me take a peek at a guide
Ignore dialogue guides. You get +1 or -1 rep on any active (in the party) during some quests. In a certain quest if you have both girls, depending on your choice one will get +1 rep and another -1 rep, and vice versa for example.
You'll get a romance option when your rep reaches "friendly" status with a romanceable companion. Just keep the one you want to romance everywhere with you, don't irritate them (you won't go hostile towards natives if Siora is your preferrence for example) and that's it.
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