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September 16th, 2019, 18:00
Originally Posted by Morrandir View Post
*sigh* That made me take a peek at a guide and saw that for the romance with Siora

Is there away to verify this afterwards?
Sorry @joxer that is definitely not the case with the romances; at least not Vasco (although believe me I so wish it was!!! I would love to be proven wrong on this so badly you have no idea).

You *MUST* chose the correct options, at least for Vasco and I believe Soira (per my friend who failed that romance). I can verify that for sure with Vasco as I had 3 choices. Avoiding spoilers I will simply say I picked the wrong one. That completely closed out the romance with no warning whatsoever. In fact the choice I did make was still positive - it just wasn't the right one. For Vasco there are two dialogue options you must make - if you miss either it doesn't matter if you become friendly with him (which I am) - you won't get the "would you like to spend some time alone" option.

I can only vouch for Vasco though as I know that from playing the game and seeing what others have written. Based on the guides, and what my friends Pat and Lidi said, who are also playing, you need both the rep AND correct dialogue.

@Morrandir - I don't think there is a way to see what you picked. No in-game logs of choices that I know about. I only know as I was so keen on getting Vasco I was paying ultra attention to every dialogue with him. So I knew exactly what I picked for choices after his personal quests. I got one right but the other one I failed
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