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September 16th, 2019, 20:02
A few things:
  • Each point in vigor increases carry weight by 100.
  • Every quest that's not in the "mission" tab is basically a main quest, and will contribute to the overall story, even if it doesn't progress it directly.
  • Flowers in the wild and crates in towns respawn, so you have an endless supply of ammo and herbs.
  • There's generally no point in exploring caves or houses until you have a quest to go there. Exploring the wild is a bit different, as you can find some lockpick 3 chests with legendary gear.
  • Once you reach a new level of appreciation with a faction, a special item (often very good) will appear either magically in your inventory, or in your storage box.
  • There's no real pointing in training any skill to 3, as you can always boost it when you need it: Cloaks provide charisma, certain hats provide intuition, gloves provide craftsmanship and chest can provide lockpicking/science/vigor. And that's not counting the potential bonuses that you get from companions.
  • The most scarce points are attribute points, so either focus entirely on 1-2 attributes, or use them only when needed. For example: If you're going melee, only put points in Endurance when you have a specific armor you want to equip.

I'll probably think of more later..
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