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September 17th, 2019, 15:28
Originally Posted by wiretripped View Post
Hm, that's too bad, I like to explore and find stuff off the beaten path that I wouldn't find by just following the main quest.

How open are the zones, by the way? Do they feel big enough? I read somewhere there's invisible barriers?
You've misunderstood something. Of course there are goodies off the beaten path, if you won't explore in detail you won't find an altar with the unique (legendary) Scythe weapon for example.

There are barriers, but are not invisible - only in the mountain case the reason you "can't" take the low path although there is no barrier is because you were instructed not to (by a person you've chosen to let you through). Note that in this one case you'll later have to take that previously not accessible path as the one you passed through the first time will be blocked.

The visible barriers (a boulder on a narrow passage or a fallen tree for example) are removed either by main story progression or by accepting sidequests. Which means a professional reviewer who avoided taking sidequests saw only half of the game.
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