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February 7th, 2015, 18:47
Am i just a badass here or something????

I'm 4 hours in and still have not lost a single character. Dont get me wrong, it's been close - I've had 2 on "death's door" and one knocking, but I've even went without a healer a couple times and just powered thru. You can heal with food, you know

The Leper is an unbelievable fighter, and get the Plague Doctor rolling with the crowd control stuns and I've got the enemy seriously hurting by round 3. Jester, Bounty Hunter can be fun and can get some good crits, but you seriously need to keep the crowd control going.

Status effects and stuns are huge in this game. You want to lay down as many stun effects and status effects as possible, as soon as possible. The Plague Doctor, Vestal, & Crusader are all characters that join right away, and they all have a good stun available. Note the "multi-stuns" of the Plague Doctor, knocking several enemies out of the fight. Get the enemy bleeding (flesh and blood), get the enemy blighted (undead). Dont try and make undead bleed. It matters.

And all characters of the same class are NOT created equal. Look at the talents and quirks of every unit you have, for better or worse they are all unique. Pick and choose, new units join your stagecoach every day. Look at 2 different Plague Doctor's spells/quirks, they are totally different, get rid of the one without the multi-stun spell. I noticed one character I had that kept freaking out was blessed with "cowardly" quirk or something, was really messing up my fights. Fired!

What's kind of bullshit is that you can miss a stunned enemy. That's fucked up, you lay down a bunch of stuns and an enemy 'dodges' your blow? You should get a bonus to attack at that point…..

Also - sometimes you need to quit a mission halfway thru. It just isnt working out, sometimes. Your party is limping by, everyone's messed up and stressed out, low on supplies. You dont have to finish. Quit the mission, it was a short loot run.
It's better than being defeated, losing characters
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