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October 25th, 2017, 17:32
Thieving is not something mandatory. By robbing everyone in settlements during nights (and night guards during day) you'll easily reach 10K+ of $ earlygame, but honestly in the long term, trophy level 2 and then 3 are much more profitable skill investments. Wrote in another post, trophy level 3 will make mutants drop natural elex which automatically saves you the need to spend $ and buy more of that stuff plus you get even more teeth and other crap to sell. At least I have a feeling natural elex started dropping on trophy 3…

However, looting chests and safes in the wild is something you should definetly invest into (lockpicking/hacking), sometimes there is just crap in those but in some I found "tons" of $ and valuables.

One more thing. Because I don't have all recipes bought I don't know if crafting jewelry and pots can be used to earn $. Once I do (loot or) buy all recipes available, I'll test it thoroughly, but that won't be soon. That's why I didn't put that in the previous post.

Just please don't abuse cleric pots improving or coins/prewar bugs. With so many options to earn $ "properly" there is no need for that.
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