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February 15th, 2018, 16:49
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
I thought blacksmiths were typically literate even before 1400. Perhaps not Bohemian blackmiths, but if not who wrote the Bohemian Rhapsody?
You thought wrong.
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
It should be possible, like I said, there is an achievement for it.
I didn't look at achievements in detail so I don't get spoiled much in my first run. On replay, and there will be one for sure, I'll check what I didn't unlock automatically.
However note that I KOed hostiles in a quest via stealth. Upon winning a duel you also KO them - it's highly possible that the game due to a bug doesn't count stealth based choke as success in this particular instance.
Not sure at what point you currenly are, but for sure you've noticed some quest bugs. Here's another example. I've also mentioned hare hunting "contest", if you played through it some hare meat is marked as stolen, some isn't. Not only it is inconsistent, it's impossible to know which is correct. Hunting is illegal so it should all be marked as stolen. However, you got blessing from a noble to do it, so in this case perhaps it shouldn't be illegal. Luckily, when it comes to counting meat you gathered, the game doesn't care if it's stolen or not.

Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
The quest log doesn't tell you all your options and even a "not optional" step can be optional. For example, the first quest you are given you need to get 3 things:
- get coal from coal-burner
- get ale from tavern
- get crossguard from castle

For the coal, you are told to go see a guy that owes your dad money, but in truth all you need to complete the quest is the 3 items. You don't need that dude's money to get the coal, you can get money in another ways and I suspect you can steal the coal as well (didn't try though). You don't even have to buy the coal from the coal-burner, one of the trader also sell some. You can probably steal the ale from the tavern too.
1. You can't pickpocket in that chapter
2. For all I remember there is no lockpick in that chapter, but if there is, perhaps it's possible to get coal from a locked container somewhere
3. I've already mentioned elsewhere that I earned shitton of $ by selling flowers and herbs which also upped some skills of mine and it is actually logical - Henry is a peasant
4. You also don't need to train swords as later another guy will train you the very same sequences
5. You can't steal ale, it's a scripted sequence necessary to progress the quest, but you can "steal" mead from tavern cellar if you're after alcohol
6. You don't need dude's $, sure, but you have to confront him. You don't have to fight him nor win it (I still did). You'll meet him later in the game and… Spoilers!

Man, perhaps I should restart the game. Now another idea occured to me I didn't try in that chapter. Shall I go crpgnut restarting from scratch or not? Choices choices…
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
Aren't sites like these frowned upon by developers i.e.
Dunno about that site, but I've seen moderator locking threads where some shady site instant gaming was mentioned. People were asking if anyone received key from that site, mod replied something like it's not a legit seller and locked it.

Instead of bumping this one up… Shallwe make tips/tricks/hints thread?
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