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November 16th, 2018, 08:58
24h to go!

Update #18 - 15th nov 2018
Last 24 hours! Stretch goal unlocked and more info

Yeah! We achieved the next goal! Aunes is now unlocked and this location will be available in The Waylanders!

You can read more info about Aunes on this update.

And now, let's try to unlock the next stretch goal: the companion called Heraklios!

In case you missed it, we revealed info about Heraklios in the previous update.

Mal and Khaldun
These two companions will add hours of gameplay to The Waylanders. Also, they will provide with a great variety of situations. Heraklios, Mal and Khaldun will have full detailed personalities, and clearly contrasted between them. If you want to know more about Mal and Khaldun, just keep reading!

Mal is a monster hunter, specialized in hunting 'cursed' people, that is, people possessed by a demon. This demon flees once its host dies and looks for a new one, therefore Mal has been chasing the same evil spirit throughout the whole Celtic nation, finally arriving to Brigantia.

She is missing one eye and its socket is covered in Mourian gold paint. In this magical socket she can place either a Mourian eye or the eye of any creature, whose last memories she can see if said creature is dead. These last memories are usually distorted depending on how the creature perceived its surroundings at the time of death. For example, in case of a violent one, the attacker would appear as a demon and the surroundings eerily unsettling.

Khaldun is an ambitious man, with grey ethics and moral. He has come to Brigantia to complete his training with a Celtic druid.

In Egypt, Khaldun used to practice death magic
, and he is surprised by the bad reputation it has in the Celtic society. His lack of understanding makes him arrogant and condescending, and he sees the Celtic culture as one riddled with absurd superstitions that do nothing but slow down his studies.

This is the final step of the way(landers) on Kickstarter campaign! We are having an amazing experience, and we want to do our best in the final hours. We appreciate if you help us sharing the campaign in your social media profiles, forums or wherever you want!

Let's try to unlock more stretch goals to improve The Waylanders!
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