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January 12th, 2011, 02:54
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Me neither, but I may not have been playing on hard difficulty, but I probably was. Dodge. explosives, max research, and hypnotize in a pinch worked for me. SportBoost Tonics are great for increasing your speed to outmaneuver them.

ALSO: try "indirect" methods. Secuirty Bullesye and hacked bots, booby traps, etc…

ALSO electric buck from the shotgun is maybe the best ammo against them since it stuns them momentarily.
Yeah but think about what you are saying - sort of implies you are way later in the game than we are. I've got Electric Shock 2, burn, telekinesis and a few more minor ones that's it. I've got a major snow storm hitting tonight so by dinner tomorrow I plan to be waaay into it
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