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April 12th, 2012, 16:32
I'm pleasantly surprised.

I was expecting a somewhat classic game but dull after a couple of hours since everything is underground and "should be" repetitive, but in fact i just played for 6 hours and had to stop to go to sleep and i can't wait to go back from work and get on it again…

Not many games do that to me, i generaly get bored really soon.

It realy shows in some parts it's an indie game, for example in the introduction and in the (lack of) diversity of texture models, but the game is in fact surprisingly solid from a gameplay POV.

In sum, the game is classic, uncomplicated in its implementation but rich in its gameplay. I would LOVE to see this game implemented in an outdoor setting like Lands of Lore the throne of chaos (episode 1).

Best dollars i've spent on a game in the late years. It was cheap, its entertaining and still it gives me back very very very very very fond memories from my adolescence playing lands of lore and eye of the beholder for days and days.

Highly-must-have-recomended for older RPG fans, recomended for everyone else that likes RPGs in general.
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