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June 1st, 2012, 19:22
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One of the monster types in the video looked like it had a flame thrower.
You mean this bad boy?

I have to say, Im finding this pretty amazing .

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
That sort of thing just clashes with the setting/lore.
"Steam fantasy" seems quite in line with the setting to me, though Im certainly no expert on Divinity lore.

Personally I like most of the monster design so far because its quite creative and seems to fit with the chaos magic background, but the in-game representations, at least when it comes to skeletal variety, do look a bit too cartoon-ish/toy-ish (I find skeletons in computer games almost always funny though).
Since the preview(s) seemed to cover early stages in the game, its possible that more imposing creations, as well as more "serious" art, will enter the stage later.

I agree with the notion that colours are too saturated or whatever, at least in daylight conditions, hopefully further tinkering with lighting, contrast and such is still on the plate.
Also, blocky rocks/mountains.

Nothing of the above is a big deal to me since Ive expected the game to come with a healthy dose of lightheartedness anyway, but I certainly wont mind if some of the visual aspects end up, um, less kitschy, in the final product.
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