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July 9th, 2012, 07:12
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Every time I see someone complain about this game having turn based combat (and there's been a lot- every site that posted about this features this complaint in the comments), I want to scream. REALLY?? You aren't satisfied with the five billion ARPGs released every day that you have to complain about one turn based game being announced? Go away!!! It's about time developers start releasing these kinds of games and it's these irritating complainers that make it into something only self-publishers can do.
I know you posted this a while back, but I had to comment on it. It's like that with multi-player too. Any game released is single-player only and people start whining there is no multiplayer. There's ten billion MP games and several billion MMO's and they bitch there is a SP only game. There are games in any genre you want. While there might not be enough of what a person likes in particular, there ARE games for any taste.
I also don't understand peoples needs to comment on genres they dont like. Whats the point? Really? Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion. And I like to hear differing opinions on games. But hearing the opinion over and over on every single game gets tiring.




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