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November 15th, 2012, 12:48
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Are you talking about Battlefront 2? That does look like a common problem on AMD cards.
No, I was meaning SWBF1.

and it was a custom map, not one that shipped with the game.

AMD and Nvidia break old games as a matter of course. You just happened to stumble upon one you liked. It sucks, but it happens. My reasoning for switching to AMD back 5 years ago was partly because I wanted to play Wizardry 8 again and Nvidia cards, at the time, pretty much failed at running the game. Welcome to PC gaming.
I already guessed so.

As far as I can remember, I was uninstalling the NVIDIA driver(s) before I switched to Onboard Graphics. Later, I uninstalled the Onboard Graphics driver before I switched to ATI.

I had spent a WHOLE afternoon with finding out why my graphics card was properly installed, seemed to work, everything - just no signal arrived at the screen.

In the BIOS, I turned off the Onboard graphics, hoping that this would resolve my problem.

But it became even worse : No graphics at all ! Not even during booting !

I wewnt even so far as to clear the CMOS memopry - you know taking out the battery, switching a jumper etc. - after that I at least had Onboard Graphics again.

Then, during the last process, I found out via researching in Wikipedia what "IGP" meant - and PEG, too.

In the handbook, these terms weren't explained, and nowhere else, too.

Finally, it turned out that I could switch the graphics in the BIOS in a similar way like you can switch the PC's boot order : Floppy, CD, HD, for example. Or CD, Floppy, HD.

I could switch betweeg IGP, PEG and PCI or what the third term/abbreviation was.

It turned out that I had switched the "graphics display order", as i calle it, into IGP/PEG. And then turned Onboard Graphics off.

Because IGP means "integrated graphics processor", I had switched the graphics order from Onboard Graphics first, then PCI graphics card (second) - and switched off the Onboard Graphics chip. And because of that, there never reached any signal the screen. The system seemingly still tried to do Onboard Graphics first, without ever switching to the graphics card. All became dark.

Thank you for reading.

I'll try out what you advised later.
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