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September 30th, 2013, 23:48
Here are some answers from their forum to questions that I had. It appears that is a story driven rpg with choices and consequences along the likes for the Witcher:

1) Is the game open world (i.e. you can go freely where you like with scope for exploration) or is it linear where you have to follow a specific path? and can you re-visit previous locations?

it is not an open world game. you have some not-linear freedom but most of the game is story driven and linear.

2) Can you kill any NPC? i.e. can the world and AI respond to such actions just in Gothic or Skyrim?

as far as i know not really.

3) How many endings there are, and is there going to be a replay value?

there are different endings but i can not spoil about them but again it has not the game size of a skyrim. the overall play time is about 25 hours.

4) Are there going to be companions? and if there are can you control them and their stats?

no, it is a single main character rpg.

5) What engine you are using for developing the game?

we used the havok/vision engine.

6) Is there going to be a collector edition for the UK (can't find one in

outside germany there is no collectors edition planned right now. the dark eye license is best known in germany with a huuuuge fanbase.
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