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November 15th, 2011, 00:54
Originally Posted by simonheffer View Post
But the MAP - yuk. Is all that cloud there so they don't have to put in something that looks like settlements/towns? Instead they have these obscure icon things.
I'd like to be able to put my custom marker anywhere not just on what they think I need to get to. Like my current quest for instance. (cf the compass has lots of the same icon for different quests how does that help?)
Dragging the map would seem to be a natural thing to have but no they have this (slow) scroll to the edge thing.
Now *this* I can agree with. It's not horrible or game-breaking, but I would have liked to see a better map. Just a few things: you can disable tracking of the other quests so that there is only only quest on the compass. Makes it a little easier. Also, you don't have to scroll to the edge on the map; you can just scroll the map with WASD. Still, I keep intuitively trying to mouse drag it, anyway.

In the other thread about Skyrim maps, someone said that the clouds would go away as you explore the map, but I haven't seen it yet.
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