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September 28th, 2019, 16:05
All the talk of Daggerfall as the comparison point makes me assume that they are again trying to create a randomly / procedurally created, massive open world game. Which I think always is more interesting in theory than in practice. Whenever a game uses randomly generated content, it's the worst part of the experience. Hand-crafted worlds / stories / locations / characters just tend to be much more interesting and rewarding for a player. Even the best "random" games like Nethack are actually pretty carefully hand-crafted, the randomness is merely an illusion used to improve re-playability.

I think a genuinely strong Daggerfall-type game would require a much better A.I than what is yet possible. It would essentially need a "dungeonmaster" which would be able to generate endless random content with intelligence, nuance and substance. I think we are still at least 10 years away from that, in the gaming world.
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