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April 28th, 2012, 16:56
Now I'm pissed off. YouTube can go please itself with something rough and barbed.

Go there instead: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xqg…teenth-b_music

That aside, you are pretty much right on your comments. Manrico, being a designated good guy, must be good guy first and foremost. He will never do something truly wrong from a moral or ideological perspective, not even for Leonora's gain. Quite the contrary: He leaves her in a besieged castle by herself as he leads his forces in a suicidal charge out the frotress' gates, giving Leonora to the Count and Castellor to Aragon in a silver platter. Not to mention besieged castles aren't the best places for girls to be.

I like the Count more, myself. He does as much for Leonora's love as Manrico does, if not more, yet she notices nothing. Gee, I didn't saw Manrico leading his army against the Count and his allies back when she was in the count's hands, and the mere fact she was about to be married when Manrico decides to doom them all can only mean, in the context of the story, the Count was a perfect gentleman to her, which is quite a lot when said of someone who had to be restrained by his own men when faced by Manrico and Ruiz's overwhelming force at the end of the second act.
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