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April 29th, 2012, 14:36
Alright. That's fixed, in a way. Just go back to the original post and use the updated link.

That aside, I don't really believe being neither ignorant nor a connoisseur has anything to do with enjoying this or that Opera. Check the opera on YouTube or hunt a recording around, if you get my drift, and then give it a shot if you find it to be to your liking. Though given how much variation there is between two presentations of the same opera done by different casts, or even by mostly the same cast at different times, I would say just go for it.

However, I would actually recommend to listen to the opera at least once while at the same time reading the libretto before going to a live presentation if you don't speak the language that particular opera is written in, unless the live presentation itself is using a translated libretto. While the powerful segments remain powerful, a lot of the fun is lost if you aren't following what is happening and have to make do with just the little synopsis they give you to read at the entrance.
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