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October 31st, 2021, 13:00
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I don't see CDPR getting bought out anytime soon. They're a bit of a giant themselves.
Also referring to what @Silver and @Couchpotato wrote above, I have been thinking about this and don't see CDPR being bought by a giant as an unlikely scenario. Not saying that it will certainly happen but there is a possibility. Why?

Assuming that the media entertainment giants think that game pass or streaming services are the future of gaming as they seem to think about TV and music, some of the giants are still lacking IPs and talented studios to attract people to their service. Ok, Microsoft has recently invested in this and is a less likely candidate. Sony has got its Japanese studios. Valve has Half-life but no other big IPs. They might be too small, though. Disney has Starwars among other big IPs. Amazon and Google have none at the moment and are likely to invest in streaming services or Stadia, respectively, in the foreseeable future. Sure CDPR is a large studio, but its worth is still a fraction of Amazon's or Google's revenue.

What would they get by buying CDPR? Too large IPs with two popular AAA games that could be added to the game pass/streaming service immediately. They would also acquire a talented studio that could make future exclusive AAA games for them. In addition, they would get GOG either out of the way or added to their list of services. Another question is whether CDPR owners are willing to sell. With the gaming community already turning against them due to the CP2077 release, they might be less motivated to keep to their principles.
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