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November 15th, 2007, 08:08
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I tend to disagree in part. While the storyline makes more sense and the extra areas are very cool, the balancing is far too tight in NOTR. It's too easy to end up with a build that just scrapes by for a while but get stuck in the late mid game (for instance by not being able to dish out damage fast enough to kill the regenerating dragons). Making character building an exercise in optimization by necessity takes some fun out of the game
I think this is only a problem with the mage build, I actually did that playing
first time in NOTR as a mage and stubbornly spending LPs in worhtless
directions (skinning and smithing for a mage etc) despite being warned…

So I got to the stone dragon with very little max mana and lesser fire storm
as my most damage dealing spell (couldnt even scratch him). Thankfully this
was a Gothic game(meaning a little creative thinking and perhaps a couple of
exploits can get you anywhere ) . Believe it or not my solution was summoning
hordes of goblin and human skeletons simultaneously ! and it worked for all the
dragons ! (funny stuff) . After the dragons the game never became really difficult
again (although I did stop fooling with the LPs after that lesson).

Totally recommend NOTR and agree with JDR13's comment (that it makes G2 what it should have been from the start)…
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