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November 15th, 2007, 09:03
notr was a great addon but i completely disagree with the philosophy of saying its what gothic 2 should have been from the start.

its easy to judge a game that improves upon a game rather than a new ground up build and say this is how it should have been. of course if time and manpower weren't factors i would agree but i don't know about your workplaces but those assets are always in demand due to not enough employees so everything that can gets done. pirahna bytes is a small staff especially back then and there's only some much they can do. i mean, do you all not remember how long the english versions took to arrive in the first place. i can't remember sufferering through waiting for any game more than gothic 2 even without the addon (gold) delay.

also by the same notion that one would say notr is what gothic 2 should have been many like gothic 2 better than the first. i also attribute this to the fact that gothic 2 and notr are all just refinements of the original and each other since they use basically the same engine and gameplay and thus don't have to be reinvisioned like with gothic 3. this is part of the reason why i feel that although gothic 2 and notr is the "tightest" and "flawless" game of the series it is also the most unoriginal and uninspiring. to me novelty is just as important if not more than a "polished" game.

its like with dreams: the ones i remember are the ones that are unique in their actions/adventure rather than a gratification of a conscious dream. video games are the only visual medium that really saites that desire for me, as i imagine others, and while sometimes more of a good thing is…good, i prefer seeing and playing an experience that entralls me through its environment that no game or dream has done before. nordmar in gothic 3 was one of those experiences along with the old camp in gothic. gothic 2 was splendid but had no one utterely unique experience for me.

i only played through notr once (not as a mage) and i had zero problem with any kind of balance, but that could be because i played through gothic 2 around three lengthly playthroughs.
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