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March 11th, 2020, 12:59
I've completed this game over three times and still own my boxed version of it from back in the day. It's naturally all about the excellent turn based combat and fun party building; the story is certainly secondary and not that compelling, but hey, it's classic D&D adventuring and dungeon crawling which can really hit the spot when one is in the mood for it.

I'd have to agree regarding Hommlet that it could get tedious after awhile but I do enjoy the soundtrack overall for the pure ambience. I can still hear the harsh stabbing synth strikes from the Zuggtmoy theme in my head and will always remember the intensity of that battle too.

I never did get around to trying out the "Keep on the Borderlands" mod though. That's probably what I'd check out if I ever got to reinstalling the game again. I haven't been back to check in on the C08 forums for ages actually - are there any other interesting mods for the game that players recommend?
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