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March 11th, 2020, 18:44
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
I’m confused, are you saying talking about TOEE story in this thread is off topic?
Oh, if people were actually talking about the details of the story then no, one would be talking about the little things.

However, generic statements about overall impressions are completely off-topic, yes.

Further, with regards to ToEE, the whole concept of story is moot anyway since the game is an attempt to simply transfer the already existing D&D p&p module into a computer game. Ergo, the core fanbase for the game already knows the story anyway.

Even further, Dungeon Crawl games are not even regarded for their story and while one might expect that kind of discussion on a general forum, I dunno, like "hey guys, I've seen this game on sale, what's the story like?", on a specialist forum, from a forum user who dates from that time in RPG history when this game came out and when dungeon crawls were very common rpg fodder… OH COME ON. etc etc.

But, essentially, the issue of the joxer off-topic'ing here is that this thread is:


To which replies such as "well, overall it feels like an alfa" and "overall the story is weaker than PS:T's" and all the other 'overall' general statements that I've no doubt some people automatically write whenever they see the title of this game are off-topic because they are not All The Little Things.

AKA: the OP already states that the game has a reputation and the point of the thread is to detail WHY it has that reputation. For people who haven't played it yet, and for people to agree or disagree with points raised - because it's one of those games where people are still patching it even to this day.

AKA 2: To attempt CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. To which "sorry, I didn't read all your crap, but my thoughts on this game is that it felt like an alfa and the story isn't as strong as it could be" is entirely pointless. Off-topic.

WHY did you feel it was like an alfa. WHY is the story not as good as it could have been? THAT's what this thread is about.

Hope that's cleared things up for you.

Have you played the game and do you have something to contribute about the game, or are you just sensing drama? Is your question even a genuine question or is it a tongue in cheek attempt at humour and further baiting? An opportunity to fuck ol' lacky up a bit cos he's a thorn in my console side? "Fuck did I read all that, but boy, what an opportunity to play semantics and wind the cunt up a bit?
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