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January 6th, 2021, 12:46
The biggest thing for me are the unbalanced DOS-inspired rules that Larian have shoehorned into the game - 5E has a carefully balance design philosophy (action economy, bounded accuracy etc), which does actually work in a CRPG, as Solasta shows (less prettily of course). Larian are obsessed with blowing shit up - too many powder barrels (and now - 'firewine' everywhere, and all easily set off (and you can carry them about, they weigh little and most game chars don't seem to care). Seeing this once in a while is fine, but it seems their encounters are balanced around using these gimmicks - as well as giving even the lowest level goblin fire arrows, grenades etc. I redid some fights with high ground advantage (overpowered and not 5E), firebolt etc BOOM BOOM BOOM!! All enemies dead. Barely a scratch. The TB combat toggle can also be abused, you can turn it on, walk behind almost any enemy, if you are out of sight initially, (they get no passive perception or anything to react) - and then 'backstab' them (advantage on attack roll for *any* class - also not in 5E) or push them to their death, if you are strong enough - and then often the enemy is surprised ('hey, how did you slow down time?!'), so you get another attack off. I understand that some people enjoy this stuff, but if it's billed as 5E, and the rules - well established play-tested and balanced - can be made to work - and they can - please use them. If anything, you can construct more balanced less exploitable encounters - surely that's good? The game becomes a lot easier if you don't try and play like a 5E game, which just seems wrong. I know it's EA, but I have little faith that they will listen to the so-called 'purists' and implement the rules correctly where they can. I still had fun, but my frustration grew as I played for longer and I noticed more reliance on exploits (yeah, some of that is a consequence of taking an under-levelled party into the underdark) - but in the final game you will be the appropriate level, and those exploits (all broken 5E mechanics) should be removed. I doubt it though. I'll have some crackers with my wheel of cheese please (which you can eat in combat - I only found that out recently)
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